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Cyberfeminism: From Theory to Practice
Christina Haralanova | 20 July 2006

Despite the growing number of women online, the content and culture of the internet remain male-dominated. Young women exploring the internet often encounter hateful material, violence, sexism, homophobia, racism, pornography, etc., which may cause discomfort and make the internet an unwelcome place for some. 

GIMP online tutorial
Christina Haralanova | 20 July 2006

Linuxchix have published online a GIMP online course, aimed at people with interest in image processing, but not much experience with actual image editing. 

Building e-communities: facilitating the facilitators
Christina Haralanova | 20 July 2006

An online course about building e-communities has just passed. Here you can find the impressions and feedback of one of the participants, as well as links to different e-tools for facilitating the dialogue online. 

GNOME sponsors female developers in a Summer Outreach Program
Christina Haralanova | 5 July 2006

The GNOME Foundation is offering USD$18000 to female students in order to promote the participation of women in GNOME-related development. 

Bridging the gender digital divide in FOSS: Women’s engagement with Free Open Source Software
Christina Haralanova | 3 July 2006

Social justice advocates welcome the development of Free Open (or Libre) Source Software (FOSS) and regard it as having the potential to make a significant contribution towards bridging not only the digital divide, but also the gender divide. 

Girls and science: a training module on motivating girls to embark on science and technology careers
| 3 July 2006

Social and economic development of a country is closely linked to the educational level of its female population. As women in the developing world are generally under-represented in science and technology, this module aims to address the inherent gender disparities in this field, with a specific focus on Africa. 

Women on Web: I had an abortion
| 29 June 2006

Women on web is an online abortion help service for women living in countries where access to safe abortion services is restricted. Their goal is to help women around the world to obtain a safe medical abortion and reduce the mortality and morbidity due to 

Women’s NGOs and ICTs in Macedonia
Eleonora Delova | 13 May 2006

WITT has a practice of surveying the general ICT needs of women’s NGOs in a country, as a part of developing a training program for those organizations. 

Women and ICTs: How did gender fare at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), and what’s next?
| 4 April 2006

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was conceptualised and convened – to formulate a common vision and understanding of the so-called ’information society’. But now that the WSIS process is over, and gender and rights were given extremely marginal considerations in terms of the digital divide, what happens next? 

Backlash at the World Summit
Christina Haralanova | 6 February 2006

The use of proprietary software, which remains under the control of the vendor rather than the user, forces democracies into a dangerous dependency from corporations. 

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